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I’m very interested in real reviews of Dukan Diet. Namely, I would like to get answers to the questions:

  • Does Dukan diet help to lose weight?
  • How fast can you lose weight keeping to this diet?
  • Are there any special things about it?
asked May 9, 2016 in Health and beauty by anonymous

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My wife and I were keeping to Dukan diet for more than half a year, many of our friends also used it for different time intervals: from three months to one year. So I can give fairly objective reviews and describe its pros and cons. Please consider that any review is a subjective opinion.

Dukan Diet: pros and cons

(+) Dukan Diet really works.

On Dukan diet you can really quickly lose weight, maybe not as quickly as they say in some of the books, but the effect is excellent. Of course, this happens in case you follow all the instructions of this diet without slips and failures. Even a small failure will throw you back for a week or two.

(+) Dukan Diet is not difficult to follow.

Of course, it is individual for everyone, but for me it wasn’t difficult at all. You can eat meat and cook a lot of interesting dishes. For almost every popular product there is a substitute for the Dukan Diet. For example, you can cook pasta with meat :) But at the same time you should use Shirataki Spaghetti and lean beef. But if you want to make it delicious, it is easy to do that. That was just one of examples and there are such things for many other dishes! 

Dukan Diet

(-) Cooking takes a while.

It is easy to find necessary products for Dukan Diet in big cities, but it takes extra time. You can’t just shop at the grocery nearby. In addition, a lot of time is spent on cooking. If you have long working hours, it may appear a problem. 

(-) Keeping to Dukan Diet is quite expensive.

Besides the fact that products for Dukan Diet aren’t easy to find – they also cost quite a lot. If you have no free money in your budget - it is not worth starting. Of course, many people are trying to find cheaper substitutes... but it is hard to cook something really delicious with it and the failure is much more likely to happen. 

(-) Dukan Diet can be harmful to health.

If you have some health problems, do not keep to Dukan Diet. This diet gives additional load on many internal organs. Furthermore, due to metabolism shifts new health problems may occur. Allergies, hair loss and constant weakness – all that can happen to you in case you have chosen to follow the Dukan Diet (or any other high-protein diet).

(-) If you fall through – you will gain the kilos back.

Dukan Diet is necessary to follow throughout the entire life, although in an easier modification (after you successfully pass the main stages). If you fail to do that – you will get back to your usual weight.

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answered May 9, 2016 by Expert Ryan (8,620 points)

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