Windows 10 recovery disk: how to create and use

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To answer this question, I’ve prepared an article on how to create and use Windows 10 system recovery disk.
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Windows 10 creates the system recovery drive by default, when installed for the first time and stores it on the hard drive of the computer. Most users have no special need to create a separate recovery drive on a flash drive or DVD disk. It makes sense only in case you are short of hard drive space on your computer. You can create a separate recovery drive and then remove it from the hard drive. 
This article is aimed at advanced users. Beginners and inexperienced users are not recommended (and have no need) to carry out any of the below mentioned operations. You have the recovery drive as it is, and the following articles provide information on its usage:

How to create Windows 10 recovery disk:

1. Click “Start” button, then move to “Settings” menu. Type “Create a recovery” in the search box and go to “Create a recovery drive” section:

Create a Windows recovery disk


2. Click “Next” in the dialog windows, one of the steps will take from 30 minutes up to several hours to complete:

Recovery disk creating in the process

Unfortunately, Microsoft Corporation has made it poor and inconvenient again. We cannot see the stage and the percentage of completion of backup recovery drive creation process.

3. After the drive creation process has been completed, you can click the link “Delete the recovery partition”; then you’ll have some additional free space on the hard drive. 

How to use Windows 10 recovery drive:

If you haven’t deleted the recovery drive from the hard disk:

Restart the computer 2-3 times, using power button; to do this, press and hold this button until the computer switches off, then press it again to turn it on.

If you have deleted recovery drive from your computer, but created a backup disc or flash drive:

On your computer, move to BIOS and configure the boot disks priority so that your flash drive (containing Windows 10 recovery drive) would start in the first turn.  
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