How to Create a System Image in Windows 10

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Would you post a detailed instruction on creating a full image of Windows system.
Please, describe everything so as not only an IT specialist, but a common person as well could understand it.

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The full Windows image contains the system copy at the date of creation. Such an image includes the Windows system itself, all the programs, settings and files. 
I deliberately don’t mention a precise Windows version, as these functions are equally presented in all the modern versions: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
If you already have the image of a Windows system and you need to use it for system recovering, proceed to the article: (not available)

Creating of Windows system image (instruction):

1. From the Windows desktop, press Windows and “R” buttons (you will find more details on the Windows button in our article: "Win" key: How does it look like, what to do if It's not working), type “control.exe” in the search box and press Enter key:

Entering to the Windows 10 Control panel


2. In the top right search box, type “Backup and...” and follow the link “Backup and restore”:

Windows 10 backup and restore menu

In the left menu select “Create a system image”.

3. Now it’s necessary to determine where the backup will be saved. There are three options – on a hard disk or a flash drive (you will need an external or flash drive), on DVD disks (DVD writer and several empty DVD disks are required) or on a network share (another computer with an open folder is required on a local network). The most convenient way is to create a system image on a flash drive.

Create a system image window


4. Check the selected settings in the final window and click “Start backup” button:

Please confirm your backup settings


5. Creating the system image may take from 20 minutes up to several hours, be ready to wait:

Creating a system image in the process


6. After the system image creating process has been successfully completed, Windows will offer you to create a system repair disk:

Windows will offer you to create a system repair disk

Detailed information on creating Windows system repair disk you can find in our special article: Windows 10 recovery disk: how to create and use
Our web portal offers a specialized section, describing all the possible options for recovering Windows: Windows 10 recovery: the All-in-one guide
If you have any questions left or need further details, please, don’t hesitate to ask questions!

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How to recover Windows 10 from a system image
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