How to recover Windows 10 from a system image

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Please, post a detailed instruction on recovering Windows system, using a previously created system image.
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This instruction is dedicated to recovering Windows (7, 8, 10), using a previously created full system image.
If you need to create a Windows system image, proceed to the article: How to Create a System Image in Windows 10

Recovery of Windows system image

1. If you have no system recovery drive, just restart your computer two-three times, using the power button. To do this, press power button on the computer casing and hold it, until your computer or notebook is off. Then, turn the computer on with power button again (repeat the procedure several times). If you have a recovery drive (it should not be confused with a system image), use it to load the system (for more details on a recovery drive see the article: Windows 10 recovery disk: how to create and use).
You will get into Windows Recovery Environment: 

Windows Recovery Environment

Move to “Troubleshoot” section.
2. Then, proceed to “Advanced options” section:

Windows 10 advanced recovery options

3. Now, go to “System image recovery” section:

the Windows system restore menu

4. After that, the computer will restart and you will need to login, using your Windows account:

The System Image Recovery menu

5. The next window – “Select a system image backup”. Insert a DVD or a flash drive, Windows will find the latest image by itself. If it failed to do so, choose the image yourself.

Select a system image backup

6. Now you can choose additional restore options. If you tick “Format and repartition disks”, all the data will be removed from your PC or notebook. If you prefer not to tick it, only disk C:\ will be removed.

Choose additional restore options

7. Click “Finish” button in the final window, after that, image recovery process will begin. Please, keep in mind that it will impossible to stop or cancel this process:

Re-image your computer (final steps)

The computer may restart several times during the recovery process. Moreover, the process itself may take from 10 minutes up to several hours, be ready to wait.
If the process interrupts or is completed incorrectly, you can repeat it, but in this case another Windows image should be used.

Take it easy, if nothing works out. Windows system provides several mechanisms for recovering the normal operation process of a computer. You can read about other recovering methods in our article: Windows 10 recovery: the All-in-one guide.
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