Windows 10 recovery: the All-in-one guide

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Could you please give me some hints on the methods of recovering the normal operation of my Windows 10?

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Here is a review article on the methods of Windows 10 recovery. It will provide you with brief descriptions of every available Windows 10 recovery method and will help to decide, which one of them to use. After that, you will be able to proceed to a detailed description of the chosen method. There is a separate detailed pictorial article, dedicated to each of the methods. The recovery methods are sorted by relevance and application frequency.

Windows 10 restore points:

Windows 10 restore points: Smart guide

When can be used: You have installed a program or updated a driver, and after that Windows 10 operates incorrectly or doesn’t function at all.
Brief description: On default, Windows 10 includes a system, creating restore points in case of making any kind of major changes in system configuration. Each of these restore points – is a saved copy of system files and settings as at a certain time. You can always choose any of the restore points and recover the system state as on the selected date and time.
Detailed article: Windows 10 restore points: Smart guide

Resetting the computer:

How to reset Windows 10 PC - Smart guide

When can be used: The computer operates incorrectly and there are no restore points or restoration from a point doesn’t help.
Brief description: If using this function, Windows 10 operating system will be completely re-installed, all the settings and programs removed. When starting the procedure, you can choose whether to keep your files or carry out the complete formatting.
Detailed article: How to reset Windows 10 PC - Smart guide

Windows 10 recovery disk:

Windows 10 recovery disk: how to create and use

When can be used: Windows 10 fails to load on your PC, it’s impossible to use other recovery methods. 
Brief description: Despite being called a “disk”, nowadays, it’s more common to make a recovery flash-drive (in past times, recovery compact-disk used to be created, that’s where the name comes from). It is a special flash-drive, which enables you to recover Windows 10 on your PC, even if it completely fails to start. Recovery drive is created on default in Windows 10, but is kept on the hard drive. You can move it to a flash or DVD drive in order to free some space on the hard disk.
Detailed article: Windows 10 recovery disk: how to create and use

Creating of Windows 10 image for further system recovery:

How to Create a System Image in Windows 10

When can be used: You have installed a new operating system, downloaded all the necessary programs and customized all the settings. In order to have an opportunity to return to this system state (settings, programs, files) any time, you can create a special disk, containing the system image. Later, in case the system is damaged, you will be able to recover Windows, including all the settings and programs, instead of installing a new system.
Brief description: The full system image of Windows 10 should be created immediately after installation and customization of the system and can be used in case of system damage. If you fail to create the image beforehand, this recovery method will be unavailable for you. 
Detailed articles: How to Create a System Image in Windows 10How to recover Windows 10 from a system image

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