Dead trigger review, where I can find it?

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The mobile games industry is still young. The rule here is to discuss a new thing after is has lived a while. DEAD TRIGGER is that rare exception when the game had been spoken of even before it was released. The developers from MADFINGER Games, famous for SHADOWGUN (Feel that power of the capital letters? I don’t.), have fed us promises again. Console level graphics, advance AI, Motion Capture technology, and the devil knows what else. Mass media was glad to keep discussing it by saying things like “O’K, Xbox and PS3, now they will really show you something”. And now, the game has finally been released. And it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff and find out what has been done really well and what has been left in words only.

Dead Trigger Review

Don’t be confused by the words ‘advanced AI’ in the zombie game. The mental process of our adversaries can be described with only two phrases: “I’m hungry” and “as fast as possible”. The maximum the tactical genius of the dead but still alive bodies is capable of is to unexpectedly speed up when approaching you, which may confuse the player a little. On the other hand, what else can we expect from them? Hollywood has taught us that zombies are exactly of this kind: they are brainless and are driven by animal instincts only.

Any eventual doubts about the fact that the game developers followed the doctrine of the movie industry get dispelled as soon as you start paying attention to the plot (you can believe me it’s quite a thankless thing to do if speak about Dead Trigger). It looks like they are telling us, right from the TV screen, a story of the human kind dying from an unknown virus and transforming to dead walking bodies in the year 2012. And there are only a handful of survivors that are not infected and keep on fighting. Of course, they need food, water, and other things. And since you are the main character, the honorable mission to find all that stuff is yours.

Dead Trigger Review

But it’s still a disputable question whom we should call the survivors there. For a bottle of whisky (by the way, such a task does exist there), the protagonist is ready to riddle as many as a hundred people with bullets – O’K, they are no humans anymore, but still… And this noble activity is all what the game is about. They try to confuse us with different missions: to find a box with food in one of them and to defend some position in another, but, honestly, all those pathetic tricks look even more ridiculous than a patient with Parkinson’s disease trying to twist. Dead Trigger is an ordinary shooting gallery. With a single reservation: the targets may well kick your ass too.

Dead Trigger Review

And what else would you expect? The game is distributed at Google Play free of charge. We should be thankful to the valiant pirates for that. Developers have to stimulate the users to make purchases inside the games. And to do that, they even make the game not too complicated but too monotonous. To get hold of some really good weapon, you have to destroy the vermin with no stops, to visit the slot machine on a daily basis and come to that stupid arena where you will be… right – destroying the vermin with no stops. Hey, developers, this is all too boring!

Dead Trigger Review

But still, the game is not that bad. Yes, Dead Trigger smells of the casual games from the social networks: they feed us pages of text instead of high quality videos; the city map looks as if it was copied from a flash game; and some infernal cacophony instead of music in the background… But it’s still enough to take you for half an hour a day and to strike you dumb with its technical level. What else should we expect from a game that costs $0.00?


answered Jan 27, 2016 by Serge Gomelsky
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