How to fix "Unfortunately app has stopped" errors

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A week ago, the following problem occurred without me having done anything with my tablet. The error “Unfortunately app has stopped” appeared on its own and now re-appears every 15-20 minutes.
How can I fix it? It’s impossible to operate the tablet normally :(
asked Jun 19, 2016 in Android by Derek German

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Good day to you!
Such an error can appear both following your actions and on its own. There are several reasons for this error’s occurrence and consequently several ways to get rid of it. Try the methods, presented below, one by one; one of them will surely fix the matter. 

  1. Delete all the temporary data from the application. Settings -> Applications -> Applications manager, find the application on the list, click it and in the appeared window press “Clear data” button. If you cannot determine, which of the applications contains the error, most likely that it’s in a system one. In this case, repeat “Clear data” operation for every system application (they have a sign – a square inside a green robot).
  2. Reset preference settings in applications. Settings -> Applications -> Applications manager, click the menu ("More" to the top right), select “Reset app preferences”. In the appeared warning press “OK”.  What is it for? The applications’ settings will return to the default state as they were in a new device.
  3. Reload the device. Probably, you have already done it, but if the two previous methods haven’t worked out, try to reload your device once again.
  4. Reset the device to the factory data. This is an extreme variant, it should be used only in case all the rest methods have failed.  If you carry out the below mentioned operations, all the data will be deleted from your device, therefore take care of it beforehand. Save old SMS, copy photos and videos to the computer. You shouldn’t worry about your contacts, they are safe in Google cloud and after adding your account to the device, all the contacts will re-appear. After saving all the data, proceed to Settings, in “Backup and reset” menu select -> “Factory data reset”. The process may take 5-10 minutes, and after that your device will return to the default state it was in, when you bought it. Then, add your accounts, restore SMS, photos and videos and go on using it. This method is successful in 99 per cent of cases.

How to reset the device to the factory data correctly, read in our article: Factory data reset: a guide for Android.
Good luck to you! Look forward to receiving your questions!

answered Jun 19, 2016 by Expert Brian (5,410 points)
Factory data reset: a guide for Android

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