How much sleep do we need to be healthy?

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What experts say? Thank you in advance!
asked Jun 21, 2016 in Health and beauty by anonymous

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Hi, to put if briefly: a healthy adult should sleep about 8 hours a day.

More about sleep duration:

We shouldn’t accept the recommendation to sleep 8 hours a day literally. Everyone is different; everyone has different organisms and their needs. Some people may feel well having 6 hours of sleep, while others need full 10 hours to feel okay. Despite this, experts still believe that the optimum sleep duration per day for most people is 7-8 hours.

Try to determine the optimal duration of sleep for yourself. Start with 8 hours a day and every week try to increase or decrease the time by 1 hour.

At the same time, remember it is important to sleep the recommended amount of time every day. You can’t do that in advance or have 5-hour sleep throughout the working week and sleeping all the weekend. This way you harm your body twice: 

  • By constant lack of sleep;
  • By prolonged excess sleep on weekends.
How much sleep do we need to be healthy?

Why the lack of sleep is dangerous: 

Lack of sleep for 1-2 hours for a couple of days may only lead to a bad mood and constant sleepiness.  But if you fail to have a good sleep for weeks or even months - the consequences will be severe:

  • A significant slowing down of the reaction;
  • Unhealthy appearance;
  • Memory impairment.

To put it simply - you will decrease your life quality, have bad memory and impaired cognitive functions and look like a zombie.

What happens if you sleep more than necessary:

All the same, as if you had the lack of sleep. But most likely, the symptoms will be less obvious.

How to control the duration of sleep:

  • Make sure to set an alarm clock, even on the weekend;
  • Force yourself to go to sleep at the same time every day;
  • Do not sleep during the day;
  • Do not oversleep on the weekend.

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answered Jun 21, 2016 by Expert Ryan (8,620 points)

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