Factory data reset: a guide for Android

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I have read in your instruction (How to fix "Unfortunately app has stopped" errors) that it’s necessary to carry out factory data reset in my device.
Please, make a detailed instruction on how doing it. 

Thank you!

asked Jun 24, 2016 in Android by Iren

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Good day to you!
Yes, you are absolutely right. Very often, factory data reset is an effective method of solving various problems with the Android operating system. It’s important not to lose your data while carrying out the procedure and to do everything correctly. In this instruction, I will tell you how to perform factory data reset in the Android operating system correctly.

Factory data reset (instruction)

1. Before you start, make sure that the contacts are synchronized with Google cloud and make a backup copy of SMS, call history, photos and videos. Find more details on how doing it in my article: How to backup Android in 3 easy steps.

2. If all the necessary data have been saved, don’t rush to start factory data reset. It’s of crucial importance that your phone’s battery is not less than 70-80% charged, and it’s advisable to have it fully charged. Before carrying out the procedure, make sure to charge your phone (or tablet).

3. Switch on your phone and proceed to Settings (All applications -> Settings):

Go to the Android settings menu
(“Settings” button may differ in various Android versions and in the phones made by different producers)

4. In the menu find “Backup and reset” (in some versions it can be called differently, for example “Backup and restore”):

Backup and reset menu

5. Now scroll down the screen to the very bottom and find “Factory data reset” menu (in Samsung phones there also will be a “Reset settings” option):

Factory data reset menu

For most phones: You will have the single option – “Factory data reset”. Scroll down the screen to the very bottom and press “Factory data reset” button. In some versions you will be asked to type in the password and only after that resetting to factory data will start. This procedure may take from 10 minutes up to 2-3 hours. After that, restore all your previously saved data.
For Samsung phones: You will have two options: “Reset settings” and “Factory data reset”. The complete factory data reset is made, using “Factory data reset” button, the second button will reset only the part of the settings, which is unlikely to solve your problem. I have no idea, why the Samsung Company has done it. 

If you’re facing the “Google Application has stopped” error, don’t reset all the settings immediately! First of all, try other methods, which are described in our article: How to fix "Unfortunately app has stopped" errors

If you have any questions left or need more details – ask a question!

answered Jun 24, 2016 by Expert Brian (5,410 points)

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