How to record a Skype call: smart guide

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I learn Spanish via Skype and it’s impossible to remember all at once. I would like to have an opportunity to record the lesson and listen to it once again. But I haven’t found such an option in Skype settings.
asked Jun 28, 2016 in Computers by anonymous

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Unfortunately, on Skype in it not possible to record conversations by default. And this is very strange, because a lot of people use Skype for learning or for business communication. Perhaps this limitation is due to the fact that you are not allowed to record a conversation without the consent of your interlocutor. But this issue could be solved with enthusiasm, for example, by requesting permission to record or by reminders that “this conversation is being recorded” for both parties being informed about the recording. The good news is that Skype doesn’t prevent any type of calls recording and allows creating add-ons that extend the functionality of Skype, including recording of calls. The list of about 15 of such add-ons can be found on the official site, but I would like to recommend you one of them - MP3 Skype Recorder:

How to Record a Skype Call

How to record a conversation on Skype with the help of MP3 Skype Recorder:

Everything is very simple. Download the program from the official site. Run it. After that, go to Skype – at the top of its window you will see a notification that the MP3 Skype Recorder wants to have access. Allow this access. 

MP3 Skype Recorder allow access

That’s all you should do by default. At the beginning of the conversation the recording in the mp3 file starts automatically. You can change the recording quality and the directory where your file will be saved. Also, you may select a few additional parameters. That's it!

This program, by the way, is free for home non-commercial use. Purchasing a license does not extend the functionality, but allows commercial use.

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answered Jun 28, 2016 by Expert Ryan (8,620 points)

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