How to reset BIOS – a detailed instruction

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I’m trying to follow the steps, described in your article, but I can’t enter BIOS on my computer, as it requires a password. What’s more, I have no idea where this situation came from. Is there a way to reset this password?
asked Jul 1, 2016 in Computers by Ivan Smith

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The only way to reset BIOS password – to reset BIOS to the factory default. At the same time, this can solve other problems with entering BIOS, which are not related to the password. In this article we will go into all the reset methods. Please, pay attention to the fact that you will need at least entry-level knowledge about computer organization to apply all the methods. For at the very least, you will have to take off the lid of your system unit and get inside.

BIOS reset, using motherboard jumper

Switch off the computer and make sure to plug it out. In most cases, it’s enough to take off the side lid of your system unit to get access to the motherboard. It can be fixed with two screws or snaps. On the motherboard, you need to find the jumper with CLR_CMOS sign (there are multiple variants, for example, Clear CMOS, Clear BIOS, Clear RTC and others). You can get an idea of what it looks like from the photo below:

BIOS reset, using motherboard jumper

If you cannot find the jumper on your motherboard – turn to the instruction. There are two types of jumpers – with two or three “legs”. If there are two legs – take off any other jumper (make sure to remember the place you have taken it off from) and use it to close the two legs for 15 second or so. If there are three legs, the two of them must have already been closed with the jumper, for example, the left and the central ones. Shift the jumper in such a way that it closes the central and the right legs. Also for about 15 seconds.
Return all the jumpers to the initial state, assemble the computer casing and check whether the password have been reset or not. If you failed to find the legs in question or this method didn’t help – try the below described method. It is easier, but longer to perform.

BIOS reset by taking out the motherboard battery

When turning off the computer, all the settings remain as they were due to the fact that the motherboard contains a battery. Its service life – several years, after which you may face sudden reset of computer clock or changes in boot source priority. This is the thing we are going to make use of. Plug out the computer. You will need to take off the lid of the computer casing and find the motherboard battery. It looks something like this:

Reset BIOS by taking out the motherboard battery

Take it out carefully and leave everything as it is for 15 minutes – it will take some time to reset. After 15 minutes, insert the battery to its place, close the lid of the computer casing, switch on the computer and try to enter BIOS.
If you have any questions left – don’t hesitate to ask, we’ll be pleased to help you!


answered Jul 1, 2016 by Expert Larry (2,000 points)

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