How to choose a pillow?

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I have a very uncomfortable pillow and I suppose I have lower quality of sleep because of that. I heard there are orthopedic pillows, comfortable for normal sleep, but I know nothing about them. Explain me please, whether orthopedic pillows really help and how to choose such a pillow?
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Yes, you are completely right. If you choose a correct orthopedic pillow of good quality - you will sleep better.

Here are general recommendations for selecting orthopedic pillows:

  • The average height of an orthopedic pillow is about 11-15 centimeters. If you sleep on your back most of the time, you don’t need a thick pillow. For sleeping on the side or on the stomach you will need a thicker one;
  • It is very important to pay attention to the form of an orthopedic pillow. I recommend buying a pillow with a cushion - as such cushions provide better sleep;
  • Another characteristic of orthopedic pillows is their rigidity. For those who prefer sleeping on the back I would recommend soft and medium rigidity pillows. For sleeping on the side or stomach – it’s better to choose medium to hard rigidity pillows;
  • The width of the pillow doesn’t matter.

How to choose a pillow

Types of orthopedic pillows:

  • Orthopedic pillows, filled with polystyrene balls. These light bulbs are evenly distributed inside the pillow and provide a comfortable position for the head. Such pillows are inexpensive, but their effect is questionable;
  • Pillows with buckwheat husk. Claimed effects are the same as for polystyrene, but the efficiency is much worse. Some people prefer these pillows as an environmentally friendly product. A questionable purchase;
  • Pillows with memory effect. These products are made of special foam that eventually accepts and retains the shape of the head. It makes sense to try;
  • Latex orthopedic pillows. Latex pillows are known for their efficiency and durability. Latex provides excellent ventilation and head position. The only problem is quite a high price;
  • Pillows made of polyurethane and polyester are inexpensive substitutes for latex pillows. It makes sense to buy them only if there is no money for a latex pillow.

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