Bluetooth Aux or listening to music in a car from your phone without any wires

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I’ve heard that there is a way to do without aux-cable and send the sound via Bluetooth. What should be done or bought for this? Thank you for the answer, I think, many people may get interested.

asked Jul 5, 2016 in Goods and services by Ryan Davis

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You are right, there is such a way and it is comparatively affordable. You will need to buy Bluetooth Aux adapter. There are multiple variants of these adapters sold on AliExpress for just 3-5 dollars. I’ve chosen this model for my personal use and quite content with it. If you have never bought anything from AliExpress before – read our step-by-step instruction (How to buy from Aliexpress (step-by-step instructions)). Using this adapter will enable you to turn any of your headphones into wireless ones – just connect the adapter to your phone via Bluetooth and plug the headphones into the audio jack. Music will be transmitted in stereo format owing to the device supporting of A2DP profile.

What is included

On the one hand, the package contents is quite scanty, but on the other, everything necessary is included – car adapter, micro-usb, charging cable, instruction in English and, of course, the device itself.

Bluetooth Aux adapter

Operating the device

It’s extremely simple to operate – there is a single button on the adapter, it turns the device on as well as starts searching for Bluetooth-devices, located nearby. To connect to a car stereo, you will need to use an adapter:

To connect to a car stereo, you will need to use an adapter


Moreover, thanks to the device containing a microphone, you can use it for conversation. In this case, the only button should be used as well – it accepts and drops a call.
There is only one disadvantage worth mentioning – the adapter requires charging from time to time. The manufacturer promises up to 8 hours of replaying. Audiophiles may treat the sound quality as a disadvantage, but I’ve noticed no difference if compared to aux-cable.
If you have any more questions – don’t hesitate to ask, our experts will be glad to help you!

answered Jul 5, 2016 by Expert Larry (2,000 points)
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