How to connect laptop to TV: smart guide

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I want to watch movies on a big screen. What wires and software do I need?
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Of course, it is much nicer to watch movies on your TV screen rather than on a laptop screen or monitor. And, most importantly, there is nothing difficult to connect the laptop to the big screen and there is usually no need to apply any special settings. All you need is a cable. In this article I will explain how to choose and buy the right one.

How to connect laptop to TV

But first of all, let's make sure that your TV set is not able to play video without a computer. After all, the vast majority of modern TVs are able to play video from a USB flash drive, and some of them may even connect to the laptop using the network to play videos from a folder on your laptop or from an external network drive. To find this out, please refer to your TV set characteristics, such as those available on the manufacturer's website.

In case your TV set still doesn’t support video playback files, you can still connect it to your laptop. In most cases, the two types of compounds are used: either via old-fashioned analog VGA cable or via modern digital HDMI cable. You can check the way they look like at the picture below. These cables are available at any computer store or in the supermarket.

Of course, if possible, use the connection over HDMI, because this standard has a number of advantages. Such as: a clearer picture at higher resolutions, the absence of interference and sound transmission - so you do not have to use an additional audio cable or use small laptop speakers.

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