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Please, tell me how to run applications as administrator in Windows. If I operate from the administrator’s account, why cannot I run programs as administrator automatically?

asked Jul 18, 2016 in Computers by Terry Berg

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Windows operating system includes several security tools, which prevent an inexperienced user from damaging the system integrity and information, contained on the disks. Any user (even the system administrator) runs programs without administrative permission on default. If you need to start a program or a game as administrator, follow the instruction below. However, keep in mind – if you run a virus or a malicious program as administrator – it may lead to the total breakdown of your computer or notebook.

How to run apps as administrator (instruction):

The instruction is universally applicable, it suits Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Make sure to read about exceptional situations below as well.
1. Open File Explorer, proceed to a folder containing the application. You need to run exactly an executable file of the application, but not its icon. If you run the application as administrator, using the icon, it will run with the standard user rights (please see the information below on how to differ an icon from an application).
2. Click the right mouse button on the application and select “Run as Administrator” from the shortcut menu:

“Run as Administrator” menu

If there is no “Run as Administrator” line, then this application has no digital signature. How to run it, read below.

Run as administrator (exceptions):

1. If you run an application as administrator, using its shortcut, it will start with the standard user rights. You can distinguish an shortcut from an application itself by a specific left bottom sign at the application image:

The shortcut and the real app

To find the application location via its shortcut, click it with the right mouse button and select “Properties”. The opened window will contain the whole route to the application.

2. Windows 8 and Windows 10 will not allow you to run some applications (without a digital signature) as administrator, using the common method. To run such applications, follow the instruction:

2.1. In Explorer, open the application containing folder.

2.2. Click ”File” menu => “Open command prompt” => “Open command prompt as administrator”:

Open command prompt as administrator

2.3. Type the application name in the command prompt (the name of.exe file should be typed without “.exe”) and press Enter button, after which the application will start.
If you have any questions left or need further details - just ask a question.

answered Jul 18, 2016 by Expert Brian (5,410 points)

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