How to backup files: smart guide

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Photos and other documents are saved in the computer just in one single copy. How to make a reserve copy correctly and not lose all your precious files on one «nice» day? I would like it to happen automatically without me taking part in the process.
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Too many people underestimate the importance of reserve copying (backups). Many people, as well as you, would like to store the copies of important files and documents, but don’t know how to do it. In this article I’m going to tell you about the major ways of creating the backups. Of course, we are not going to consider professional methods, only the simplest ones that the majority of users can afford and masterly.

Why you should backup your files

There is an endless row of variations of how your data can be lost: starting from the problems with hardware, for example, when your hard disk crashes, up to viruses getting on your computer and just improper and incorrect use of your computer. Sometimes files can be cured and restored, although for this you may require a lot of time and funds. And it doesn’t guarantee positive results – you may lose your data forever. To avoid this, it is necessary to back up all important files.

How to backup files

Where to make backups

  • On the second hard disk in the same computer. The simplest variant, but not the best one as it’s advisable to have storage places far from each other. Another variation of this method is combining two disks in RAID 1 (mirror). You will see only one disk in the system, and in fact your information will be stored on the both.
  • On the cloud storage (Google Drive, DropBox and others). It’s quite a comfortable method, but it can be used only with a relatively small data volume. If you need to store more, you’ll need to pay monthly fees for using the service.
  • On the external hard drive. It’s the most comfortable and right method. You buy external disk for the backups of necessary volumes. When necessity occurs, you just attach it and create a copy.

How to make backups

You can just manually copy the files to the backup media. But of course, it’s much more comfortable to use special software for this. I recommend paying attention to the Genie Timeline – it’s absolutely free for home users and at this provides all necessary functions. You just need to determine what and where to copy, all the rest the program will do for you.

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