Download an archiving program for Windows (free and the best)

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Dear experts, good day to you!

Please, tell me where Windows 10 archiver can be downloaded free and for sure without any viruses.

I have always used WinRAR, but it seems to be fee-paying…are there free alternatives of a high quality?

Thank you in advance!
asked Aug 1, 2016 in Computers by Garrison

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Good day!
Many of us previously used WinRAR. Unfortunately, it should be paid for; therefore, some preferred to put up with constantly appearing pop-up windows, offering to buy it, the others used hacked versions. Now we have a great free alternative – 7-Zip archiver.

Download 7-ZIP archiver:

7-ZIP for Windows (32-bit)
7-ZIP for Windows (64-bit)

Instruction on installing 7-Zip archiver for Windows:

1. Download one of the installers to your computer. In our special article you can read, how to find out the bitness of your operating system: (The article will be available later).
2. Start the downloaded installer. Windows system will show a warning, don’t hesitate to click “Yes” button:

Installing 7-ZIP

In this case, we surely can press the “Yes” button, as 7-Zip archiver has been downloaded from the official site, and we have nothing to fear. If you download the program from some suspicious web site, don’t start it, until you have checked it for viruses.
3. In the next window, you are to choose the path for installing the archiver:

a 7-ZIP archiver setup window

Leave this menu as it is on default and click “Install” button.
That’s it, you have successfully installed the archiver for your Windows 10!

How to use Windows archiver 7-Zip:

Just click the file you need with the right mouse button and select “7-Zip” in the shortcut menu:

How to use Windows archiver 7-ZIP

The same way you can call out the archiver if you need to archive a folder or a file (click a folder or a file with the right mouse button, 7-Zip from the menu).
If you have any questions or need more details – don’t hesitate to ask a question!
Good luck to you!

answered Aug 1, 2016 by Expert Brian (5,410 points)

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