How to stay sober - tips and tricks

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Sometimes there are situations when I am supposed to drink a lot of alcohol without losing control over the situation. How can I get prepared for this?
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There are situations when it is impossible to skip drinking while the loss of self-control may be very dangerous. It can happen anywhere, from corporate events to weddings. With the help of the following tips, you can minimize the effect of alcohol on your body. Of course, this action is impossible to keep completely to zero.

So the first and the most important rule that works without exception, is known by everyone, but few people stick to it: do not drink alcohol with an empty stomach! Failure to comply with this rule will ruin the effect of all other methods, as consuming large amounts of spirits you won’t reduce the intoxication being hungry.

How to stay sober

Ways to reduce the impact of alcohol on the body:

  • It may sound too plain, but if possible prepare the body a few hours before the event by drinking about 100 ml of the beverage you are going to drink later;
  • Do not mix alcoholic drinks - if you can’t avoid it, it is better to drink first, for example, wine, and then vodka, moving to stronger spirits gradually;
  • Be sure to eat during the party when drinking alcoholic beverages, or at least having regular snacks. Preference should be given to hot dishes. In no case drink spirits covering them with soda. Also, try to avoid drinking cocktails or drinking beverages through a straw;
  • If possible, drink half portions. It would be even better if you manage to replace, for example, a glass of whiskey with ordinary apple juice.

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