Do I need any antivirus software for Android smartphone?

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There are a huge number of various risks for the owners of any Android devices. Normally, the consequences are not too sad but still unpleasant. At worst, you will lose all the money from your mobile phone account, which can be reversed if you try (read How to protect yourself against fraud). Antivirus software developers offer us protection for our devices. Not for free, of course.

The most incredible thing is that there are practically no viruses for Android. Every time such a virus had been found, the event was widely reported by the mass media. And totally, there are no more than a dozen of those viruses. And in most cases, they are quite harmless.

Android Antivirus

All kinds of cheating applications that send SMS’s are not viruses. Besides, there’s nobody but you who allows them to send those SMS’s. Every time you install an app, Android informs you what rights are to be granted to this app. And no installation begins until you agree to give the required rights to the app.

In other words, no virus can get inside your phone unless you let it in yourself. To make yourself safe is pretty simple:

- Read our article on “How to protect yourself against fraud” to get some general information about security in Android.
- Every time you install an application, pay special attention to what you allow this app or game to do. If the permissions include “Paid services” (possibility to make calls, send SMS’s or USSD commands), you are most likely to be installing a virus. There are just no other ways to get your phone infected.

Let’s get back to the antivirus software for Android:

- Since there are practically no viruses for Android, the antivirus applications protect you against nothing.
- To avoid becoming a fraud victim, look carefully through the permissions when installing applications. No antivirus software can usually protect you against this kind of apps.

The conclusion is obvious: antivirus applications for Android is useless. They are only created to make you buy them and bring some extra income to the developers.

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