Gmail sign-up: step-by-step instruction with pictures

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Please, give a detailed instruction how to sign up for Gmail mailing service, and protect it from hackers.
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To register a Gmail mailbox, you need to create a Google account. It can be used for multiple Google services – such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive and many others.

How make a Google account (Gmail)

First, go to website and click “Sign up”. This will open a small form that you should fill out:

How make a Google account (Gmail)

Please note that it is highly recommended to use your real name, last name and date of birth. It may be hard to create a unique username as many of them are already taken. Pay more attention to the password - it must be reliable:

Gmail Password

The fields “Gender”, “Mobile phone” and “Your current email address” are not necessary to be filled out, however, I highly recommend you enter your information there. This will greatly help to restore your account in case of loss of access to it. Then you are to enter the verification code and agree to Google's terms. Click the “Next step” button.

Click "Go to Gmail service” and immediately get access to your new mailbox.

These are the key points of sign up procedure, but I recommend that you take additional measures to protect your account. In the upper right corner click on the icon of your account and select “My Account”:

Gmail Settings

On the Settings page go to “Sign-in & security” and select “Signing in to Google”. Here we are interested in the field “2-step verification”:

2-step verification

After you enable this option, every time you sing in to your Google account, in addition to your password you are to enter a secret code you receive by SMS to your mobile number. This will almost completely prevent unauthorized access to your mailbox. Of course, for your home computer, you can turn off the 2-step verification.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our help desk!

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