Create a Windows 10 USB Bootable Flash Drive

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A friend has told me that I can download Windows 10 image directly from the official website. Could you, please, tell me how to do that? I’m planning to install the clean tenth version.

asked Sep 7, 2016 in Computers by Vivian

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We have a detailed universally applicable instruction on creating bootable flash-drives. And especially in your case, Microsoft Company offers a simple method to create a bootable drive for the clean installation of Windows 10. A note for those, who are just going to install Windows 10 – first of all, update your current version to the tenth. Your computer will be registered on all the Microsoft licensing servers, and after that you will be able to install clean Windows 10 with its automatic activation. You can find detailed information about it in our article.

How to create a bootable flash-drive with Windows 10

First of all, you are to visit a special section on Microsoft website, dedicated to Windows 10 installation and download a “Bootable drive creation tool”.

Download and run the media creation tool to get started

Start the downloaded file, agree with the license terms. Then, select “Create installation media for another PC”. The installer will suggest the recommended parameters for future Windows – the English language, 64 bit. You can alter these parameters as appropriate.

Choose which media to use - create a bootable USB

Determine a USB-drive as the bootable drive; make sure to connect the flash-drive to the computer. It shouldn’t contain any data, as it will be completely deleted. Press “Next”, select the required flash-drive if there are several inserted in your PC; after that, the process of bootable drive creation will start.

Downloading Windows 10 before creating a USB flash drive


After the process has been completed, you can immediately reload your PC and boot up, using the flash-drive.

How to create a bootable disk with Windows 10

There are not many differences between creating a bootable flash-drive and a bootable disk. When choosing a drive, click “ISO file” and after that determine the location, where it will be saved. After the process of creating the image has been completed, all you should do is to record it on a clean DVD-disk (how to do that – you can read in our instruction), and now you can boot up from it.

If you have any additional questions – ask, we will help you for sure!

answered Sep 7, 2016 by Expert Brian (5,410 points)
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