Homemade Jelly - quick and easy recipe

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Please, provide a good proven recipe of berry jelly. Thanks in advance!
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Jelly can be made of virtually any berries. At this you can mix them up at any proportions thus getting new interesting tastes. Black and red currant, gooseberries, strawberries and raspberries are just perfect for making jelly.

Berry jelly recipe

Ingredients for making berry jelly

Apart from berries you will need:

  • Gelatin – a pack;
  • Water – 500ml;
  • Sugar 0.5-1 glass – the tarter the berries, the more sugar you’ll need. For very sweet berries you can go without sugar at all;
  • Forms for jelly.

All the recipe proportions are provided for 500 grams of berries.

Berry jelly recipe

Clean the berries, removing all the leaves and rinse them thoroughly. Put them in a bowl. Then, with the help of a wooden mortar smash the berries into homogeneous mass. You can also use a blender for this. Add sugar and mix up everything one more time.

Now let’s come up to making the mass with gelatin which will let our jelly to get thick. Add gelatin to water and put it on fire. Mix up the mass nonstop until all the lumps are gone. The most important is not to let the water boil.

Homemade Jelly

When the mixture with gelatin is ready pour it into the mass with sugar and berries and mix up thoroughly. Pour the mixture into small forms; cover them with lids or foil. Leave to cool for half an hour and then put it to the fridge.

quick and easy recipe

In several hours your very tasty and healthy dessert will be ready! 

Bon appetit! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our help desk!

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