Fall recipes - a compilation from our experts

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Today is the first autumn day and it’s high time to think about the ways of using summer harvest. Therefore, our experts have prepared several great and simple recipes for you, which will help you to the full extent enjoy fruit, vegetables and berries, either grown by yourself or bought in a store.
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All the below described recipes have been multiple times tried by our experts, their relatives and friends. They are all simple and require no special skills.

Perhaps, we should start with vegetables. And in particular – with cucumbers and tomatoes. All of us are found of pickled cucumbers, but not everyone is ready to seal jars. The best way out of this complex situation is to make quick pickled cucumbers. Besides cucumbers, you will need garlic, dill and half an hour of time at most. For details, refer to our article "Quick pickled cucumbers recipe - detailed process of preparing with photos".

Quick pickled cucumbers recipe


It’s recommended to use tomatoes for making adjika sauce. Despite common expectations, it isn’t difficult at all. Apart from tomatoes, you will need apples, garlic and two types of pepper – sweet and hot. The pictorial recipe you will find in our article "Delicious tomato adjika sauce - a step by step guide"

Delicious tomato adjika sauce


The following two recipes are the perfect for potatoes-lovers. The first one is potatoes with bacon, which you can easily make in oven, with the result being a pleasant surprise to you. The step-by-step recipe with photos - "Baked potatoes with bacon - a delicious and easy recipe"

Baked potatoes with bacon

The second recipe is suitable for those, who like mushrooms, which can be found in forests in great amounts - potatoes with chanterelles. How to make this splendid dish fast and tasty, you can read in our article "Chanterelles Mushrooms – quick and easy recipe with potatoes"

Chanterelles Mushrooms


In conclusion, we would like to tell you about two desserts. First of all, look, what a beautiful dish can be cooked of apples - "Rose Shaped Apple Baked Dessert - a simple and beautiful recipe". Notably that it will take you only 20 minutes, not including baking time.

Rose Shaped Apple Baked Dessert


The other dessert, which is not so nice looking, but as tasty as the previous one – berry jelly. To make it, you can use any berries you have. All the required proportions and tips you will find in the article "Homemade Jelly - quick and easy recipe"

Homemade Jelly


Enjoy your meal! If you need any details and comments – just leave comments to this article, our experts will be glad to help you!

answered Oct 3, 2016 by Expert Brian (5,410 points)
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