How to Delete Messages in Skype: Instruction with Pictures

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Please, provide a detailed guide for deleting the history in Skype. I’ve tried to do it myself, but failed. Thanks!
asked Oct 6, 2016 in Computers by anonymous

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Even after deleting Skype the history of your chats and messages can remain in the memory of your computer. In this article we will regard how to delete them completely for good.

How to cancel saving history in Skype

It’s very easy – just open Skype and enter the menu. 

How to cancel saving history in Skype

Choose the function “Privacy” and from the following setting choose “Privacy settings". In the “Keep history for” section choose the period during which you want your messages to be saved:

Skype Privacy Settings

How to delete the history in Skype completely

Again enter the menu “Privacy settings”. Press “Clear history” and agree with the warning that all the history will be deleted for good: 

Clear Skype history

It will be also good to delete the file with your Skype messages database, you can find it here: C:\Users\User Name
WINDOWS\AppData\Roaming\Skype\login Skype. Pay attention that you need to delete main.db file in the Users folder.

How to delete the file received via Skype

Enter the folder that you can find here C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Skype\My Skype Received Files. Here you’ll see a list of received files and simply delete them:

How to delete the file

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