How To Find My IP Address - All Possible Ways

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Please, tell about all methods how to get to know your IP address. Thanks!
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Let’s regard all possible variants. Let’s say at once, that there are external IP-addresses (they are often called “white”) and internal IP-addresses (accordingly, they are called “gray”. To get online person uses his external address which was given to him by his provider. It can be always the same (static) or constantly changing that is dynamic. As a rule a static address is given by providers for additional payment.

How to distinguish an internal IP-address from an external one – internal addresses look like this: 10.*.*.* or 172.16-31.*.* or 192.168.*.*.

How to check your internal IP address

  • Open your command line, for this type in “cmd” in the “Run” line. A black window will appear – now you need to type in «ipconfig/all» command in it. Among other network characteristics you’ll find your IP address;

How To Find My IP Address

  • Enter your control panel and there choose “Network and Sharing Center” option. Click the name of your connection and you can see all the network settings, including your IP address;.
  • At the administrative panel of your router you can find the information about all connections. Also, here you can find your IP address.

How to check your external IP address

  • Visit an administrative panel of your router – as a rule this information is provided there;
  • Use one of the services that will show you your white IP address, for example Check the line «IPv4-address».

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