How to Choose a Mattress: advices and recommendations

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Please, tell what things should be considered while choosing a bed mattress and what types of them exist in general?
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Quite often people choose a mattress irresponsibly and buy the one that suits them in price. And they do it quite wrongly, as healthy and comfortable sleep is very important and it directly influences our health. In this article I will tell you what types of mattresses exist.

Types of mattresses:

There are two major types of mattresses – spring and springless ones. Spring variations in their turn can be divided into two kinds: with dependent and independent springs.

Dependent springs mean that every spring in the mattress is connected to the neighboring ones. When this spring is pressed, the others get pressed automatically too. This is the oldest type of mattress construction and it has been proved long time ago that it is better avoid sleeping on such mattresses. Still, some producers keep making them.

How to Choose a Mattress

Independent springs are much more interesting, as pressing one spring has no influence on others, which provides a good orthopedic effect. Springless mattresses made of latex or polyurethane foam provide even better effect. Quite often springless mattresses consist of several layers made of different fabrics.

Firmness. It’s one of the major characteristics – it’s possible to choose very soft or on the contrary very firm mattress. Of course, there are also middle type variants. It’s advisable to check all variants in the shop prior buying. Also, firmness can be different on two halves of the mattress (two zones). It’s very comfortable when spouses have polar preferences as to this.

Also, there are mattresses with various upper padding, warmer for winter and less warm for summer. All that you will need to do is to change sides of your mattress.

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