How to connect via SSH: a guide

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Thanks for your interesting articles. I’m right in the middle of mastering Linux and server building.

In all your articles you write about connecting to Linux server, using SSH; please, provide a bit more details about it.

How to use SSH for connecting to Linux server?

Thank you!

asked Oct 27, 2016 in System administration by Iton

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Good day to you!
It’s very simple to use SSH for connecting to a Linux server. You will need an SSH - client and Linux server as such.

How to connect via SSH:

1. Download ssh-client program. The most popular ssh client is Putty: it is a small, convenient and absolutely free program.

Download Putty: From the server or from the official website. 

Please note: All the files on the server of project have been checked and contain no viruses or malicious software.

2. Start Putty and connect to the server via ssh. Putty requires no installation, just start the downloaded file:

Putty requires no installation
Enter the server address, specify the protocol and click “Open”. After that, you will see a black terminal window and will be able to work with a Linux server, using ssh. 

3. If symbols aren’t displayed correctly, you need to fix the encoding:

Fix a PuTTY encoding


Before connecting, select “Translation” point in the left menu, then, choose UTF-8 encoding. All the modern Linux and Unix versions operate in this very encoding.

Where to find a server for operating via ssh:

You can install Linux on a local computer or on a virtual machine; about that you can read in my article: Installing CentOS: a step-by-step guide.
If you don’t want or have no opportunity to install Linux, you can use an affordable hosting of virtual servers. I recommend DigitalOcean, it is cheap and of high quality. You will get 10$ bonus for registration (and the cheapest server costs 5$, so it will be enough for 2 months).

If you have any questions left or need some - please, ask a question or leave a comment.
Good luck to you!

answered Oct 27, 2016 by Expert Brian (5,410 points)
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