Samsung Test – a Detailed Instruction for Launching and Testing

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I’m going to buy a Samsung tablet and heard that it can be tested in some way. Please, tell how to do it!
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Samsung phones and tablets have an inbuilt program for testing the devices, but not all people know about this. In this article we will tell how to test any device made by Samsung before purchasing it, what the keys in the testing utility mean and what else should be considered.

How to test Samsung phone or tablet

Open the “Phone” application and dial the following combination: 


There is no need to press the call key – the application for testing will open automatically:

How to test Samsung phone

Now let’s regard what the most important of these keys mean. They can be different depending on the device, but the majority of them you’ll see for sure:

  • The keys Red, Green, Blue and Black just color the screen in one color – red, green, blue or black accordingly. This is needed for testing the screen;
  • Sub Key – checking the work of all keys of device, both sensor ones and mechanical. While pressing different keys the screen will light up in various colors;
  • Touch – testing the work of a sensor screen;
  • Mega cam and Front cam – checking the main and frontal cameras;
  • Vibration – testing the work of a vibration motor;
  • Speaker (L) and Speaker(R) – checking the left and the right dynamic accordingly;
  • Sensor – testing sensors – those of accelerometer, light and others.

What else to check before buying

All the points are in general the same as for any other device, not only Samsung. You have to check obligatory the looks of device. Also, make sure that all the items of the set are present (get to know about this in advance).

It will be useful to check if the IMEI figures on the box and the device itself coincide. Also, make sure that the warranty certificate is present and was filled in correctly.

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answered Oct 30, 2016 by Expert Ryan (8,620 points)

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