ES file explorer, instructions for installation and use

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Often in your articles, and on other sites users get instructions “to install ES file explorer”. Please tell us what this program is and how to install it.
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Android operating system has never had a built-in file explorer (also called file managers). That is, to move or copy files within the phone, it is necessary to connect it to your computer or use third-party applications. Only Android 6.0 Marshmallow includes some kind of file explorer. To access it, go to "Settings" -> "Storage", then scroll down the list and click the “Explore”:

built-in file explorer

While Google has not created a full built-in file manager, it is necessary to use third-party products. And now we look at one of the best option - ES File Explorer, it is very easy to use and completely free.

How to install the ES file Explorer

Very simply! The ES Explorer is installed like any other application from the Google Play store, here's a direct link to the ES Explorer. 

How to install the ES file Explorer

It is recommended that you only install applications from the official store, otherwise you are likely to get a malware.

How to use ES file Explorer

You can see the file system of your phone, including the visible data and the SD-card. With a long press you can select folders, groups of files, copy, move, rename, delete them and more.

How to use ES file Explorer

Also, ES Explorer works fine with the archives, which is sometimes a must.

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