The best browser for Android: expert advice

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Please tell me which browser for Android is the best at the moment? What to choose?
asked Jan 9, 2017 in Android by Don

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The situation with browsers for the Android operating system is very similar to the situation for ordinary desktop browser. But there are some differences I’d like to explain.

The best browser for Android

The best browser for the Android operating system is, of course, is the mobile version of Google Chrome. Why? It's fast, reliable, secure and consumes relatively little memory on your Android device. In addition, Google Chrome is already pre-installed on all Android devices starting with the fourth version.

The best browser for Android

I could not think of any reason for which you should use a browser different from Google Chrome on your Android device. If you have such reasons, please write them in the comments below.

Other browsers for Android:

For Android there are a lot of browsers available, including Opera, Firefox, UC Browser, and others, but there is nothing special to say about them. Many of you remember Opera Mini – it was popular at the edge of two centuries. Its main advantage is that it can greatly compress web pages reducing bandwidth consumption a lot. But I can’t recommend using it on Android: such tasks can be performed by Google Chrome, and Opera Mini doesn’t have any other advantages. The product is completely outdated both in functionality and design.

Also, many complain that Google Chrome for Android doesn’t support Adobe Flash, while some other browsers do. It also can’t be an argument in favor of other browsers, for two reasons:

  1. Adobe Flash is outdated and will soon be obsolete;
  2. The power of Android devices is not enough to run Flash-based games anyway. The maximum that can be displayed in the browser with flash support - banner ads.

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answered Jan 9, 2017 by Expert Ryan (8,630 points)

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