TV won't turn on, what should I do?

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Today, my LG TV-set suddenly stopped working. Tell me, what can be done? Thank you in advance!
asked Jan 16, 2017 in Goods and services by anonymous

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If your TV does not turn on, there is a possibility that the problem is not with it. But let's take a closer look at the problem.

The problem with the power supply

First, make sure that you don’t have problems with the socket. The easiest way to check it out is to plug in any other electrical appliance.

The problem with remote control

Often the problem with the remote control is solved very simply - you need to replace the batteries in it. But, of course, the remote control may be faulty as well. Also, you can try to turn on the TV using the buttons on it. If it turns on without any problem, you have troubles with the remote control.

TV won't turn on

Please note, some remote controls can work with multiple devices. To do this, there are usually buttons «TV», «STB», «DVD», «AUX» or similar. This is especially common for a multifunctional remote, but also may happen with a remote control included in the package of the TV set. Make sure that you currently have selected «TV».

The problem with the additional device

Turn off any additional devices plugged to the TV set, such as USB-flash drives, hard drives and so on. Also, disconnect the TV from the Internet, if any. TV set may fail to work due to a malfunction of one of the devices connected.

The problem with the TV itself

If all of the options above did not help you - it is necessary to contact the service. Be sure you have your documents on a TV at hand; it may still be under warranty. In this case, you do not have to pay for repairs.

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answered Jan 16, 2017 by Expert Ryan (8,620 points)

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