Cordless Mouse - selection of interesting and inexpensive options with AliExpress

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In this article we are going to review some interesting and quite inexpensive computer mice. The cost of each wireless mouse will be about 3-5 dollars.
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There are a great variety of computer mouse models on the market: they have different characteristics, appearance, and, of course, cost. Famous brands cost more, but cheaper options aren’t always worse. In this article I will review three wireless mouse models, which can be purchased on AliExpress. The cost of each is about $3. If you have never made purchases on AliExpress - visit our article «How to buy from Aliexpress (step-by-step instructions)».

Let’s consider the first mouse in our review:

Cordless Mouse

This is quite a usual one, but it is very convenient in size and shape. The model is available in black color only. There are two additional buttons for your thumb. One of the possible drawbacks is that the USB-receiver is not well fixed in the body of the mouse, and when moving around, it is possible to lose it. The mouse is powered by 2 batteries of AAA type.

You can buy this mouse from a trusted seller for just $3.4 (the price is valid for January 2017).

Let's look at the second mouse in our review:

Wireless Mouse

Its ergonomics is very similar to the one of the previously mentioned model. However, there are some differences - no extra buttons and USB-sensor reliably hidden in the battery compartment. There are three color options: the base color is always black and the second color can be blue, orange or pink. The mouse is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

You can buy this mouse from a trusted seller for just $3.5 (the price is valid for January 2017).

The third mouse, in my opinion, is the most interesting one, but maybe not everyone would find it comfortable.

Computer mice

The hand feels very comfortable on this mouse, due to its shape. The USB-receiver fits securely in the battery compartment, the mouse is powered by one battery of AA type. There are 2 additional buttons for your thumb. 2 color options are available: black and black with blue.

You can buy this mouse from a trusted seller for just $2.7 (the price is valid for January 2017).

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answered Jan 28, 2017 by Expert Ryan (8,630 points)
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