How to connect Mice, Keyboards and USB sticks to Android phones

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Good day! I have already used some of your instructions, which are always clear and simple. Thank you!
Could you please tell me about the easiest way to connect USB devices to an Android smartphone. For example, such devices as a flash drive, a keyboard or a mouse.

Thank you in advance!
asked Feb 12, 2017 in Android by Adam Verst

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Good day to you!
Almost all the modern Android smartphones and tablets support USB connection to external devices, such as flash drives, card readers, mice and keyboards. This doesn’t require any special drivers; Android supports such devices by default. The right way to connect them is described in my article below.

Connecting a flash drive, a mouse and a keyboard to a smartphone

Getting ready

To connect USB devices to a smartphone, we will need:
1. Android smartphone or tablet, supporting USB Host (OTG). Almost all the modern Android devices support this function, but to be sure that particularly your phone supports it, you can type in Yandex or Google “you phone model USB Host OTG”. If you’ve faced any problems with finding out whether your device supports USB Host – please, leave a comment with your phone model. We will quickly help you.

2. OTG cable, it looks like this:


This cable costs 0.5-2$ (30-120 Rubles), it can be bought from AliExpress.

If your phone is equipped with a common MicroUSB connector, then you can buy such a cable from these trusted sellers: Seller 1 (price: 0.46$), Seller 2 (price: 1.65$, the cable is nice looking and reliable).
If your phone has a Type-C connector, you can buy a suitable cable here: Seller 1 (price 0.54$), Seller 2 (price: 1.24$, the cable is nice looking and reliable).

If you have never bought from – consider my article: How to buy from Aliexpress (step-by-step instructions).

Connecting a mouse to a phone

All you need to do is just to plug an OTG cable into your phone and connect a mouse to it. You can connect any kinds of corded or wireless mice; to illustrate the process, I’ve connected a corded one:

Connecting a mouse to android phone
After that, a pointer will appear on the screen and you can use the mouse as usual:

Mouse pointer on an Android phone

Connecting a flash drive to a phone

Connect a flash drive to OTG cable and it will immediately appear on your phone as an additional section. Then, you can use it as a common phone memory, using, for example, ES Explorer program (or any other).

Connecting a flash drive to a phone

Connecting other devices to a phone

Besides the above-discussed devices, you can connect many others to your smartphone. For example, a keyboard, a joystick or even a printer. If you face any difficulties with connecting the certain device – leave a comment to this article and I will surely help you.

Good luck! 

answered Feb 12, 2017 by Expert Larry (2,000 points)
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