Magnetic cable – review and purchase from a trusted seller

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Magnetic cable - what is it and where can I buy them?
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Not everyone knows that there are magnetic cables for charging smartphones and other devices. Unlike conventional cable, this one consists of two parts – a cable itself and a cable connector with a magnet. It looks like this:

Magnetic cable

Why you may need a magnetic cable?

Magnetic cables are very convenient and extremely useful when you charge a device very often, and the slot may be damaged. For example, it may be a car video recorder – the slot is usually located in a place where it is not very comfortable to plug the cable. In this case magnetic cable will plug on its own, all you need is to bring it close enough.

Review of the magnetic cable

You plug the insert into the slot and leave it there and then, if necessary, you simply bring the cable to it (from any side) and it attaches due to the magnet. The magnet is quite powerful and wrong connection is practically impossible. 

Review of the magnetic cable

Also, the magnet is good enough to deal with shaking, for example when charging a device in a car.

Where to buy a magnetic cable

You can buy a Magnetic Micro USB cable from a trusted seller (the price for February 2017 is about $4,75).

Also, there is an article with links to conventional cables for different device from trusted sellers: «Phone cables - best offers and proven sellers on AliExpress», as well as detailed instructions on buying on AliExpress.

If you have never made purchases on AliExpress - visit our article «How to buy from Aliexpress (step-by-step instructions)». If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our help desk!

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