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In this article I’m going to share my experience in choosing a good IP camera of Chinese origin. It will go only about indoor IP cameras; about outdoor cameras I will tell you in the next article.
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IP camera – is a helpful device for every home or apartment. You can use it for keeping an eye on your property (with continual recording of events), monitoring you children’s or pets’ behavior or just for entertaining. For example, everyone have found oneself in a situation, when travelling to work wasn’t sure about having turned off the iron or locking the door. In this case, you can either return home and check it, or keep worrying all day long…or just look into the indoor camera and make sure that everything is all right.

The most convenient indoor camera should be able to rotate the objective lens in any direction (360 degrees and in upward-downward direction is an ideal case), transmit the image via Wi-Fi (for placing it conveniently in any place) and operate smoothly. Furthermore, modern indoor IP cameras are equipped with special applications for Android and iPhone, which make it possible to connect to such cameras from any possible location without using a computer.

Why we don’t recommend buying an IP camera at the local market

At first, I though over buying a camera at the local market, but I had to give up this idea. The reason is extremely trivial – the price. At the local market, an IP camera with acceptable characteristics costs from $100 and more (as per the end of 2016). And in China, such camera can be bought for $25-$35.
Nowadays, it’s extremely easy and safe to buy goods from China. If you have never done that, you should read my article: How to buy from Aliexpress (step-by-step instructions). And if you are afraid of being deceived be the Chinese, read this one - Aliexpress fraud overview: how to avoid it

Indoor IP camera from China

Indoor IP camera from China

Of course, it’s always risky to buy an unknown model. I have deliberately taken the risk and was right, and now I’m going to share this experience with you. Now I already have 3 such cameras and all of them operate smoothly and fulfill their main functions.

The main functions of this IP camera

This IP camera is produced in China under several trademarks; therefore, the easiest way is to find it by the appearance. Regardless a brand name, the camera will be the same. You can buy it from this seller or find a cheaper one from any other.

The main functions of this IP camera:

  • Shooting quality – up to 720P (HD);
  • Remote control, objective can be rotated in any direction (360 degrees), upwards and downwards;
  • Full-featured night shooting (infrared lightning);
  • Camera viewing from any browser and Android or iPhone smartphones;
  • Applications for Android with the function of  bidirectional voice communication; 
  • The function of sending photos to e-mail, in case of response from the movement-detecting sensor;
  • Scheduled supervision settings;
  • Connection to Wi-Fi network or via cable;
  • Support of various protocols; the camera can be connected to any video control system. 

The IP camera interface, when connected to a PC:

The IP camera interface, when connected to a PC

The camera interface, when connected to a smartphone:

The camera interface, when connected to a smartphone

The camera settings:

The camera settings

The camera operates smoothly and will become your perfect assistant!

How to buy

The normal price of this camera at AliExpress - around $30. Be careful, some sellers tend to overprice. I’ve bought such cameras from this and this sellers. 
If they don’t offer a reasonable price at present, then, use search option. Here is a completed search, sorted by the lowest price first - link.

If you have any questions left or need more details – leave a comment and I will certainly help you! 
Good luck!

answered Feb 24, 2017 by Expert Brian (5,410 points)
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