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I need a SIM-card adapter for my nano SIM-card to fit a usual slot, where can I buy a cheap adapter?
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Currently, there are basically three sizes of SIM-cards - mini, micro and nano. In this article, we are going to talk about the adapters that make one type cards fit to different slots.

Why do I need adapters for SIM-cards

All new SIM-cards from your provider usually contain all three size options, so you just need to choose the desired size. These adapters can be very useful, if you have several mobile devices with different slots for SIM-cards. This is especially important when traveling.

SIM-card adapters

Where to buy adapters for SIM-cards

Adapter kits are sold at almost any electronics store, but the price is too high for them there. But you can visit AliExpress website, where you can buy the same product for much more attractive price. If you previously had no experience with this site, read our article «How to buy from Aliexpress (step-by-step instructions)».

A set of SIM-card adapters usually looks like this: 

  • Adapter from micro SIM-card to mini SIM-card;
  • Adapter from nano SIM-card to mini SIM-card;
  • Adapter from nano SIM-card to a micro SIM-card.

For obvious reasons, adapters are used for inserting smaller cards in larger slots. Also, often in the kit you will find a special clip to eject the SIM-card tray from the phone.

Here are two proven sellers to buy adapter kits for SIM-cards from: seller 1 (a set of three cards and a clip for $0.5, the price for March 2017) and seller 2 (a set of three cards and a clip for $0.2, the price for March 2017).

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