​How to find iPhone: detailed instructions

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I lost my iPhone and need help! Are there any ways to find it? Thanks for help!
asked May 9, 2017 in Internet by anonymous

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«Find My iPhone» function

Unfortunately, you will not be able to find the iPhone unless you have completed some important actions in advance. Namely, you need to enable the «Find My iPhone» function. You can do this in «Settings» -> «iCloud» and enable the «Find My iPhone» feature:

«Find iPhone» function

How to find iPhone from your computer

Using any modern browser go to icloud.com website and enter your login and password from the Apple ID:

How to find iPhone from your computer

After that, click on the «Find iPhone» icon and you see a map. If the device is found, three actions are available to you:

  • Sending sound to the iPhone, it's useful if you lost the phone at home and can’t find it, since it's in silent mode;
  • Enable loss mode - you can remotely leave a message on the screen of your device, for example, a phone to contact you;
  • Completely remove all information from the phone, please note, after that you will no longer be able to see your device on the map.

How to find iPhone through another iPhone

Here, the function «Find iPhone» comes to the rescue, as it is installed on all modern Apple devices by default:

How to find iPhone through another iPhone

You will also need to enter a login and password from your Apple ID and you will have access to the location of your device and be able to block it or leave a message.

Pay attention, if your phone is stolen, do not try to return it on your own, it can be dangerous, it is safer to contact the police for this.

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