Mi Band 3 - release date and characteristics of the new bracelet from Xiaomi

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I want to buy a bracelet Mi Band 2, but is it worth it now? Mi Band 3 is about to be released soon. What is new in this version and when is it going to be released? How much will it cost?
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According to all rumors Mi Band 3 or Mi Band 2S (similar to 1S, the exact name is not yet known) was due in April 2017, together with the flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi6. Instead, a version of the Mi Band 2 Mi6 Commemorative Edition was shown, which technically shows no difference from the original Mi Band 2. The only difference is the number "6" on the touch button and the inscription "Mi6 Memorial" on the strap of a dark gray color:

Mi Band 3

The very first Mi Band was introduced in July 2014; 15 months later, in November 2015 Xiaomi presented an updated version of the Mi Band 1S bracelet, which differed only in the presence of a built-in heart rate monitor. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 was introduced on June 2, 2016 (7 months after 1S). Thus, it is impossible to trace any regularities in the dates of the release of new models. However, with very high probability, Mi Band 3 (2S) will be presented in 2017.

Also, as long as there is no confirmed data about what Mi Band 3 (2S) will look like and what new features it will have. And, of course, there is still no information about the price.

Therefore, we recommend that you don’t wait for the release and buy Mi Band 2 right now, because its price now is quite affordable - only 23 dollars. Moreover, after Mi Band 3 (2S) will be presented, quite a long time will pass before you can buy it without hype and at a normal cost.

As soon as any reliable information about Mi Band 3 appears, we will immediately add it to this article.

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