How to speed up your computer - useful tips

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I need real tips to speed up my computer (based on Windows 7 operating system). The computer is relatively powerful - Intel Core i3, 4 gigabytes of RAM. But it takes a couple of minutes to even open the browser window! So it works for all the programs.
asked Aug 22, 2017 in Computers by anonymous

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Indeed, the speed of your computer should be enough for proper work of Windows 7. A strong slowdown of the computer can be caused by various problems. I will try to describe the most common problems below. It is advisable to follow the recommendations below to speed up your computer.

How to speed up the computer (tips for Windows 7):

1. The most frequent problem is that your operating system is heavily overloaded with "garbage" software. Such programs may be installed without your awareness, together with other necessary programs, or under the guise of useful programs. Very often on the Internet you can find offers to download a free antivirus or optimizer for your computer - in fact it is this garbage software that do not bring any benefit, but seriously slows down your computer.

How to speed up computer

The easiest way to get rid of garbage software and speed up the computer is to reinstall the operating system and no longer install garbage programs. If you do not know how to reinstall Windows, ask friends and acquaintances. It is very likely that there are people who can help you with it. 

Why do I need to reinstall Windows instead of removing the garbage software?

The answer is simple. Many such programs pretend to be system programs and it is very difficult to determine what to delete, and what to leave. Many people regularly perform the operating system reinstallation – at least once a year and I fully agree with them.

2. If the first tip is executed, but the computer does not work fast enough, try increasing the amount of RAM. Now it's optimal to have 8 gigabytes of RAM for your desktop computer. Installing additional RAM will speed up your computer's up to 1.5 times, which is quite noticeable.

3. Another possible problem is non-optimized hard drive. Defragment your computer's hard drive, and test it for bad sectors.

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answered Aug 22, 2017 by Expert Ryan (8,620 points)

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