Grilled Pork: a classical shish kebab recipe

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Pork shish kebab – is a classical grilled dish, but this doesn’t mean that it is easy to make. It’s a common idea that it is impossible to spoil meat, when cooking it on fire, which is not quite the case. If you are scrupulous about making pork shish-kebab, as the result you will get an extremely delicious dish, otherwise you will have coals, mixed with raw meat. So, let’s get down to it.

How to choose meat for pork shish-kebab

You can either buy a ready-made shish - kebab or make marinade yourself.

To make juicy and tender shish-kebab you should prefer tender, slightly streaked meat. If meat will be too streaky, you will get too fattening shish-kebab, of meat will contain no fat at all, your shish-kebab will be dry. The best parts of pork carcass for making shish-kebab are:

  • Neck – very tender and slightly streaked meat;
  • Undercut – the most tender meat, but make sure that it is streaked;
  • Pestle – good meat, but it contains almost no fat, so your shish-kebab can be a little dry;
  • Chuck without bones – a compromise; you can take this meat only in case there are no other pieces.

If you buy a ready-made shish - kebab: Don’t buy shish-kebab in chain stores, especially the one that can have been frozen. During the peak season shish-kebab is cut of the cheapest pieces, marinated in low-quality marinade and sometimes even frozen. If you buy such shish-kebab, no way that it can be tasty. The best option is to buy a ready-made shish - kebab in specialized meat stores or in small butcheries.

If you marinate shish-kebab yourself: Take either pork neck or streaked undercut. It’s extremely important that the meat has never been frozen, because after that it loses all its gustatory characteristics. You can find detailed information about various types of marinades for pork shish-kebab in our article: (the article will be available later).

Hot to get ready meat and grill 

Everything is quite simple with the meat – just spit it in such a way that meat pieces and streaks of fat interchange. Each spit should contain pieces of approximately equal size. The pieces should be in contact with each other, but don’t be pressed to tough:

just spit it in such a way that meat pieces and streaks of fat interchange

You can cook other dishes together with pork, for instance, champignons:

You can cook other dishes together with pork, for instance, champignons

Detailed recipe of grilled champignons you can find in our article: Grilled champignons: a simple & delicious recipe


Now get ready your grill. Pour coals into it, so that 2-3 cm were left to the top. Crush large pieces of coal with a rake, amply pour with kindling and set on fire:

Now get ready your grill


Coals will be ready in 15-20 minutes; by this time they should send out heavy heat and there should be no open fire:

Coals will be ready in 15-20 minutes

How to make pork shish-kebab

Now the most crucial moment has come – we should find the right way to grill meat. Put the spits on the grill in such a manner that there are 3-5 centimeters between the pieces on different spits:

How to make pork shish-kebab

If you put the spits too close to each other, shish-kebab may stay raw in some places and burn in others.


You should cook pork shish-kebab for 15-20 minutes, rotating the spits every 15-20 seconds. Fat can burn and melt a bit, there is no problem about it – you should take care to prevent the meat itself from burning:

pork shish-kebab

To check, whether shish-kebab is ready, take a sharp knife and make cuts on the largest pieces on different spits. If there is no blood in the cuts – your shish-kebab is ready:

your shish-kebab is ready

Have a nice meal!

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