Skype commands: a complete list with comments

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I heard that in Skype you can enter many different commands for various actions. Please, give us a clear idea of what Skype commands exist and how to use them.
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Indeed, you can use many useful commands in Skype to improve your interaction with the app. Below you can find a full list with descriptions.

Skype commands:

I highlighted in bold most interesting ones. Note that some Skype commands work only in the group chat mode.



/add [Skype-username]

Add a new chat member;


Disable event notifications in this chat (entered in the chat you need to disable notifications for);


Enable event notifications in this chat (entered in the chat you need to enable notifications for);

/alertson [text]

Specify the signal words (for example your name) – when they are used in the chat, you will receive a notification. If no such words are detected, no notifications appear;

/call [Skype-username]

Start a chat with a contact (whose username is specified);


Delete entire chat history (may not work for some versions);


Remove password protection;


Create a new group chat;


List information about the MSNP protocol (the protocol used by Skype);


List debug commands list;

/find [text]

Search in the chat history;

/fa or /

Repeat last search;

/fork [Skype-username]

Disable the current chat and create a new one with all users from the current one, except those specified in the command;

/get allowlist

List all users who can connect to the current chat;

/get banlist

List all blocked (banned) users in the current chat;

/get creator

Show information about the creator of the chat;

/get guidelines

Show chat rules (you can specify them in the group chat settings);

/get name

Show the name of the current chat;

/get options

Show the options of the current chat;


Show a list of possible commands;


Download full chat history;


Show the current number of chat participants;

/invite [Skype-username]

Generating a link for a call to the user;

/kick [Skype-username]

Disconnect a member from the current chat;

/kickban [Skype-username]

Disconnect a member from the current chat and block it (ban);


Leave the chat;

/me [text]

List your name and text;


Create a new chat;


Sign out of Skype on all devices except this;


Synchronize the contact list;


Set a role for a chat member;


Show chat id;


Show the devices, on which you are signed in Skype;


Display full information about the current chat;

/topic [text]

Edit the subject of the current chatа;

/whois [Skype-username]

Shows all the information about the chat participant.

There are other questions about Skype on our website, you can see them here:

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