I have a 500G MY BOOK external drive .... Can it be formatted to FAT32>

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I have a 500G external hard drive .... Completely portable and hooks up via USB cable/port .... It is currently formatted in NTFS .... Following your instructions I attempted to reformat in FAT32 but that option was never presented .... I will be using the drive for storage of music files which are lengthy .... If something happens to the music on my Flash Drive/Stick I want to be able to copy from the Book Drive to the flash stick .... QUESTION:  Would it be best to leave the book drive formatted in NTFS or should I attempt to format it in FAT32? .... The only options I see available are NTFS and exFAT .... Thank You for your help and quick response .... My email address is Eskymo63@google.com ..... Terry
asked Nov 1, 2019 in Computers by Terry

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