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It is so easy to write on a computer than using a phone to it. I could not find WhatsApp application for PC. Is it possible to use PC's WhatsApp?
asked Feb 13, 2016 in Internet by Allan

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WhatsApp application is one of the most popular instant messengers for smartphones and tablet PCs.
All other instant messengers (Viber, Telegram, Skype) have a PC application, but WhatsApp was not having until now.
This article describes what WhatsApp for PC is and its using.

How to install WhatsApp on PC:

It is not necessary to install WhatsApp on PC, but you can also use it on a computer.
WhatsApp for PC is a web application, it works via web browser.

1. Open URL https://web.whatsapp.com/ in your browser, after that you can see QR code:

WhatsApp for PS: Smart manual (1)

Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Any version of Microsoft Internet Explorer are not supported.

2. Open WhatsApp application on your phone, select from the menu "WhatApp Web" and scan QR code in your PC browser.
After that, a replica of the phone WhatsApp application runs in your browser.

WhatsApp on PC - runs in browser

Now you can use WhatsApp on PC as well as on a smartphone.

Note: Your phone must have connection to the Internet and be switched on permanently.

WhatsApp on PS: Keep your phone connected

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