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My problem is passing job interviews. I'm currently looking for a job, many employers invite me for an interview and then either don’t call back or send me a refusal. I suppose I do something wrong. I'm definitely not an idiot and I’m a good specialist, but it wouldn’t help.
asked Feb 21, 2016 in Work and money by anonymous

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How to act during the interview?

Recently I’ve been conducting jobs interviews quite often, so I’ll try to express my view from the other side of the desk. Unfortunately, the outcome of the interview very often depends on the employer personality. You are lucky if you meet a sensible interlocutor every single time – because it is no always so. And it may be a problem. On the other hand, if you don’t like the employer – are you still interested in this position? 

How to behave at the interview (tips):

First of all stay calm. This state of mind can be achieved either by self-suggestion or by some sedatives. Before the interview think of what is important to you and that no outcome can bring you down. You're the only person like that and there are dozens of companies to work in. If you are extremely worried at any interviews - take a sedative. But make sure you follow the instructions and take the recommended dosage.

Job Interview

It is necessary to prepare a lie. It is desirable to specify true fact in your CV and you can add maximum 30% of imagined information. This is normal practice and everybody does so. If you write only the truth - you clearly deprive yourself of many benefits and certainly appear at a disadvantage. But if you have exaggerated the truth in your CV - be prepared to answer some questions. For example: You have written that you know some technology, as this knowledge gives you an advantage over other candidates, but in fact you know nothing about. Be sure to read about this technology before the interview and be prepared to answer simple questions about it. It can happen so that the interviewer finds this line in your CV especially interesting and asks you several simple questions to test your knowledge.

Talk more. The more you talk, the less time the interviewer has to ask you uncomfortable questions. Choosing topics to talk about pay attention to those fields you are competent in, speak about successful solutions you created at your previous position. Before the interview, prepare a number of cases like that to lead the conversation in the direction you want. Remember – no one is perfect including the employer, so you can easily win.

Ignore the pressure. Many interviewers are always trying to create stressful atmosphere. Sometimes this is done specifically to ensure stress resistance, but in most cases it happens naturally. Your task is to ignore such pressure as long as you can. Just do not pay attention to people that seem unfriendly to you or use other similar techniques.

Be friendly. If you are smiling and polite, pretending that nothing happens - it will be your great advantage in any case.

Good luck at job interviews! You may ask questions below.

answered Feb 21, 2016 by Expert Ryan (8,620 points)
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