How to write a CV - I need your expert advice

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Please tell me how to create a good CV? What details should I pay attention to in order to make employers interested in me and invite me for job interviews?
asked Mar 1, 2016 in Work and money by anonymous

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All I can give you is to provide you with general advice on proper CV writing. To help in details, it is important to know your professional field and the desired position. For example, the CV may look much different in programmers and drivers. Below I will give some general advice and in case you need more – make sure to ask a more specific question.

How to write a CV (or a resume) – quick tips:

Your CV should be as detailed as possible and preferably include your photo. In order not to forget to mention anything important, build your CV at one of the job hunting sites and fill in as much details as you can.

Avoid using any sentences and terms that can be misinterpreted. Give your ready CV to as many people you trust as you can for reading (these can be your relatives, friends or former colleagues). Perhaps they will tell you about some “roughness“ for you to be able to delete it.

The most important point in any CV is your work experience. Here you should specify your accomplishments and success, not just to list the routine tasks you used to deal with. Employers are much more interested in what you accomplished as a specialist, rather than what you have been involved into. Be sure to describe every detail of your success. If there is no – you can lie about it. 

How to write a CV

As far as lying is concerned, in a CV it’s not only possible, but even necessary to show facts in their best possible shape and add some more. If you tell the truth only, your CV will look worst in comparison to CV’s of other applicants who lied a lot. But if you tell a lie, you should also take a punch when the interviewer will try to expose you. That is, if you have indicated that you know the ABC technology – make sure you read about this technology at least 2-3 articles to get at least a superficial understanding of the topic. You can be asked a question about any word in your CV and you should always be ready to answer. If you do not answer these questions or hesitate - you fail the interview.

Do not neglect the testimonial section. Testimonials have to be there, as they will give a few points to your resume and make it look representative. Testimonials are not difficult to obtain, simply contact all of their former bosses and ask for permission to add them to your CV as people ready to give a testimonial. 

Remember, proper CV should contain excess information not related to the topic. For example, if you are applying for a position of a software developer, it is not necessary to write that you have completed courses in accounting.

Before uploading your CV, be sure to wait for couple of days. Read it every day and improve what you can improve. Remember, your CV must be perfect!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our help desk! Good luck in job hunting!

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