Is Divi Booster the best choice or should i go for another solution?

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Hi, Im currently regular user of Divi Theme. I know that it's one of the best themes available for Wordpress so i prefer to stick with it. But once you get familiar with it, you want to extend it's functionality and implement additional tweaks. The thing is that i know very little about coding (CSS modification & Javascript stuff) so i've been looking for a plugin that can help me with this. I've discovered one that i think it's currently the most popular, Divi Booster. But being the best known doesn't mean that's the most powerful in the market, i can understand that. That is why I ask for your opinion on this. Should I buy Divi Booster or go for another plugin on the market?

I appreciate your help.

asked Apr 4 in Internet by EatPizza

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