How to choose a laptop? What are the most important characteristics?

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What features to evaluate when choosing a laptop?
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Usually, a laptop is used for more than one year, so this consumer decision should be taken with great responsibility. To begin with, you need to define characteristics that are most important to you, for example, what is more important: power or mobility? It should be noted that not all laptops support upgrading, so don’t expect much of the model that is not developed for certain demands. 

Main laptop features: 

  • Size and weight. These two are the first characteristics you pay attention to. These features usually depend on the laptop screen diagonal. If you need a laptop for traveling - feel free to take one with 10-11 inches. Laptops with 12-14 inch screen are considered to be universal and are good for office and home, as well as for some business trips. In case you don’t travel often, you may think of buying a laptop with 15-17 inch screen diagonal. 

How to choose a laptop

  • Screen resolution. It shouldn’t be too small, otherwise you will have to look at distinguish points on the laptop screen. For example, a 1366x768 resolution is more or less suitable for screens up to 13 inches, but on larger screens it looks really bad.
  • Graphics card. If you use laptop for video games, you need a discrete graphics card. For common tasks an in-built one is enough.
  • Battery life. Also a very important point, as some laptop models are equipped with a battery that last 3 hours while in others the battery life may be enough for a whole working day.
  • Manufacturer. It is necessary to choose well-known brands with good reputation, as if some technical problems occur, at least you will have no problems with warranty and repair.
  • RAM and hard drive capacity. Laptop RAM should be at least 2 GB, preferably 4-8. The hard drive characteristics may vary depending on your needs. It is necessary to look at models equipped with SSD, as their performance is much higher than in laptops with ordinary hard drives.

Enjoy the shopping! 

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