External battery: which one to choose?

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I would like to buy an external battery, but have no idea how to choose it. They all seem to have been made in China and for me are different in design only. Tell me, what to pay attention to when choosing one, maybe there are some ready-made solutions for different scenarios? Thank you!
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Unfortunately, batteries can be the weakest link of a mobile device. Sometimes the phone battery life is too short to let you actively use it all day long; especially it is true for Apple devices. Today we all have a lot of wearable electronics that can have low battery anytime we need it most - smartphones, tablets, headsets, watches and so on. And it is good if there is a computer or a socket to use the charger or USB. And what if not? At this point external batteries (also known as “power banks”) are a must-have. I own a few, and in this article I will tell you how to choose an external battery.

What can external batteries differ in?

  • Brand. Most batteries are produced by smaller Chinese brands, but there are quite a lot of offers from well-known manufacturers from China, like: Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Lenovo and others. But talking about external batteries – it is even more important to know more about what is inside. Most cheaper Chinese brands usually use poor quality elements. It doesn’t mean such a power bank wouldn’t work, but its capacity will be approximately 2 times lower than claimed and it will quickly fall even lower.
  • Capacity. One of the main parameters of power banks. If the given battery capacity of your smartphone is 2000 mAh, the external battery capacity is 10,000mAh, i.e. you can charge your smartphone about 4 times. The rest power will be spent of different by-factors.
  • Rate. It should be at least 1 ampere. Most of this will be enough for smartphones. Tablets usually need about 2 amperes. 1 amp battery will charge your tablet, but at half the speed.
  • Number of charging ports. Most devices can simultaneously charge only one device, but there are types with two or even three outputs.
  • Design. It is hardly the most important parameter, but it is worth paying attention to. Power bank is a thing you will carry almost all the time, so it should be pleasing to the eye .
  • Additional functions. Some models have a flashlight, some of them support turbo charging or wireless charging.

Recommendations regarding external batteries:

I highly advise you to pay attention to the Xiaomi power banks. They are high quality and have a number of advantages.

Xiaomi Powerbank

Also they have excellent design, body of aluminum and equipped with batteries from well-known brands like LG and Samsung. Today there are models of 5000, 10000 or 16000 mAh.

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