What to feed a cat to promote health and longevity

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My greatest dream came true - I’ve got a cat! I want her to live long and stay healthy. The question is: what to feed her with to be sure the feed is correct and balanced. The price is also important, but it’s not the most important aspect.
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Most importantly - do not feed the cat with food from your table or with fish! Let’s specify most important details.

Do not feed the cat with:

1. Cheap cat feed (like Whiskas or Kitekat). This feed is made from low quality by-products your cat would never eat without chemical flavorings.
2. Raw meat. It is stuffed with antibiotics and can be infected by various diseases and worms.
3. Fish (both raw and cooked). Fish contains a lot of minerals and protein, so the cats can’t digest it without harm to health. In addition, raw fish may be infected with parasites.
4. Milk. Milk is good for kittens, but it doesn’t bring any benefits to adult cats.
5. Human foods (soups and other cooked food). Our food usually contains salt and seasoning, so is not suitable for domestic cats.
6. Smoked, salty or fried foods. Cats poorly digest such foods.
7. Bakery. It sounds strange, but some cats are happy to eat biscuits, cakes and other bakery products. Remember, sugar is strictly prohibited for cats!

What to feed a cat

You can feed the cat with:

After reading the list of products you can’t feed the cat with, you might have already guessed that they need special cat feed. Many people, of course, feed their cats with the same food they eat, but these cats live on average 2-3 years less than cats with well-balanced nutrition.

If you live in the city, the only available method to properly feed your cat is premium dry feed and water.
Water is a very important part of the cat’s menu. In case the cat is fed with dry feed, it should drink a lot. To help your cat maintain the hydration put 2-3 bowls of water in different parts of your home. The more water containers you offer, the more your cat will drink.
To choose the right cat feed it is better to go to your veterinarian. In case you can’t do that, here are some good feed brands: Purina Pro Plan, Acana, Iams, Royal Canin, and Hills.

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