"Win" key: How does it look like, what to do if It's not working

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Over and over again, in various instructions I can see “press Windows button…”, what kind of button is it? What can I do if I have no such button or it doesn’t work?
asked Apr 12, 2016 in Computers by Ryan Hill

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Yes, you are right. Every modern keyboard includes Windows button, which is very often used for carrying out various operations. This button significantly simplifies the life of Windows operating system users, but if you don’t have it or it doesn’t work – never mind, you can do without it. In this article I’ll tell you everything relating to Windows button.

How does Windows button look like, how can you find it on a keyboard:

On Windows button there is always the logotype of Microsoft Windows operating system. As it has been slightly changing throughout decades, the button can look a bit different, but it’s always easy to recognize it.

"Win" key: How does it look like

At the bottom of the picture you can see a modern Windows button, top left – a bit old-fashioned one, in the center and top right there are absolutely outdated variants, which can be seen on old keyboards. In some very rare cases, it can look entirely exotic, in this situation, just find it by its location:

  • Windows button is always located between left “Ctrl” and “Alt” buttons in the bottom left corner of a keyboard.
  • On many laptops’ keyboards there is “Fn” button, in this case, Windows button is situated to the right or to the left of it.

Windows button is out of work or there is no such button, what to do:

Very rarely, a keyboard misses Window button. It can happen, if you use an ancient keyboard or a PC is made by Apple Company. It doesn’t actually matter, as in Microsoft Windows operating systems a replacement for this button is available.

If you don't have  Windows (Win) button or it doesn’t work – then use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Esc.

This keyboard shortcut produces the same effect as Windows button absolutely. It’s very easy to find these buttons:

  • Esc button is usually the first one in the upper left corner of a keyboard;
  • One of Ctrl buttons, in most cases, is the first one in bottom left corner of a keyboard;

If you still have any questions left or need some details – please feel free to ask questions! We are always keen to help you!

answered Apr 12, 2016 by Expert Brian (5,410 points)
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